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We are named as the best economical and energy-saving products company. But the LED First Choice story begins with our passion to use less energy and help our earth from global warming.

Indeed, in 2015 we recognized the important opportunity given to our planet to use less energy and to help as much as possible in the survival of the planet for future generations.
In fact, we’re full of passion for this idea and from the first minute, we created a group of people who were ready to spread that passion.
We benefit massively by having onboard one of the most well-known lighting experts in the country who has invaluable knowledge and understanding of the energy-saving lighting industry.


Soon thereafter, our small team starts to grow and with the help of technology we created our eshop. This enables our idea to become better known to even more sensitized people. On our new website, you can find some of the greatest energy-saving ideas and products.
2020, was an important year for our idea because we decided to enrich our product range with:

The truth is that we found a lot of existing products in the market but it was not to our strict specifications we had set from the beginning… so we created our product range less harmful for the environment.
The new product lines under the logo “Morris” offers high-quality products but always with our non-negotiable term. The power-saving.

Moris logo

Today LED First Choice is open to both public and businesses, we’re bigger and better than ever before, but we still do what we do for the same great reasons:

  • To make it easy to find energy-saving devices, under one roof, and…
  • Because we love it!

If you want to discover which products are right for you and enjoy energy-saving devices and a better planet, you’ve found the right place. Join our experienced team and begin to save up to 90% on your energy bills and the earth, at every stage of your life.

Do the Earth a favour. Be a power saver!

LED First Choice

Our customer service team is UK based and on hand in the West Midlands.

Call us for advice on 01562 261026 or email [email protected]
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