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Should I buy a portable ac for small room? What ac is the right one for me?

Should I buy a portable ac for small room?

When deciding on the right portable ac for small room, office spaces or bedrooms it is important to firstly calculate the size of your room which will then determine the correct BTU size you require. When people speak about the size of an air-conditioning unit they are not necessarily referring to the physical size of the product but the British Thermal Units. British Thermal Units is a calculation of how much energy is needed in order to decrease the rooms temperature most efficiently. Calculating the size of your room is paramount in order to cool your room most efficiently.

Here is a practical guide to understand which ac unit fits best to your room.

In order to find the best ac unit for small room it is important to first calculate the size of your room. To do this follow our 5 simple steps below. For these steps you are going to need a tape measure, calculator, pen and paper.

Calculate the right size for you.

  1. Calculate the width of the room. E.g 20ft
  2. Calculate the length of the room. E.g 17ft
  3. Multiply the width by the length. E.g 20×17 = 340

This means that the room is 340 square feet. For every square ft, 25 BTU is needed.

  1. Multiply the square footage you worked out previously by 25. E.g 340×25 = 8,500
  2. Now you have found out that an Air Conditioning Unit around 8,500 BTU is sufficient for your room.

Now you know what size air conditioning unit you require you can now see which portable ac is best suited for you. For efficiency always check the energy consumption compared to the BTU. The lower the power consumption the less the bills.

Which portable air conditioner is the best?

I know that many people wonder which air conditioner is the best for me as there are so many different products available in today’s market. Free standing air conditioner, portable air conditioner with hose, portable air conditioner with window kit, portable air conditioner with WIFI the list is endless. Why not have all of the above in one product plus more? This is why I chose the Morris Portable Air Conditioning Unit with WIFI and 24 Litre Dehumidifier
To help you more, we compare 6 of the best stand alone ac units in readiness for yet another record breaking year of heat.

Can portable air conditioner be left on all day?

This question always depends on the unit you chose. Some units don’t have a timer at all, other units have a 24 hour one. Some units don’t have an auto shutoff,other units you can programme to a certain degree. In my opinion having as much control over your unit as possible works best for me. Whether I’m rushing around at work or I’ve got my feet up at home I can programme my portable ac to come on and off as I please from a touch of a button on my phone or tablet. I can set the temperature nice and cool ready for when I am back from work or let the temperature rise whilst I’m away. I can even set it to keep my desired temperature even when I’m sleeping. This is one of the main reasons I opted for the Morris 9000 BTU Air Conditioner as it was so versatile.

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