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LED Emergency Lighting Low Energy Efficient Eco Environmentally Friendly Free Shipping UK

Emergency Exit LED Lights UK Commercial and Office Use

In the unfortunate incident of a fire or a neccessity occurs without notice that will as a result interrupt the lighting in your premises, it is a legal essential that the fastest and safest exit routes must have  Emergency Lighting installed such as a the green illuminated LED 3w Emergency Exit Sign (180 min) for under £30.

All UK employers are required to identify and highlight emergency exit routes utilising high visible signs to immediately direct employees the quickest and safest exit route from anywhere in the property or premises by UK law. It's strongly recommended that you choose electrical installers who are specifically trained to BS 5266-1:2011 to install your Emergency Lighting.

Bulkhead and Downlights Emergency Lighting Suppliers UK

Downlights and Bulkhead Emergency Signs must be regularly tested to verify and log they are in full working order to allow all Customers and employees to exit out of harm's way in a direct fashion.

Emergency LED Lighting with FREE UK Delivery

Buy LED EMERGENCY BULKHEADS that include a self adhesive legend sticker to use as an Emergency Exit sign. Power: 3w/ Lumens: 140/ Efficiency: A+/ Price: under £15. It's a proven fact that LED’s can convert around 80% of the energy they consume into the light level the human eye needs to see in the complete dark. The added benefit is the bottom line cost savings on your electricity bills.

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In effect, this enables the initial outlay cost to pay for itself in a very short time - additionally, the lifetime of a LED is far greater than that of an old style fluorescent tube, plus did you know ..? Ongoing maintenance costs are also greatly reduced as they last longer to boot.

Emergency Office and Home LED Lighting Low Energy Lights

The light that's beamed from modern LED battens and lightbulbs create a brighter and more pleasant surroundings - we offer a choice of whites to suit your preference, a cool light (a slightly bluey tinge) to a warmer emission of light (a slightly creamer colour glow), therefore they fearure high on the list when it's welcomed to have a more productive and relaxed work environment that's also suitable for home offices, TV rooms and shared common spaces.

These features and benefits are just the beginning of the many advantages that LED lighting provides and you will be very happy to remember that the the greatest one is the environmentally friendly fact: Emergency LED lighting costs much less to run and maintina - their life span is greater so less changes are required - which results in less waste and carbon footprint.