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What Size LED Batten Should I Buy For My Garage? 2021 Update

what size led batten for garage?

What Size LED Batten for my Garage? 2ft, 4ft, 5ft and 6ft LED Battens

Deciding on which LED Batten to choose for your garage can be tricky when you don’t have a fluorescent tube light already installed. LED Battens come in various sizes starting from 1ft all the way up to 6ft. Feet (ft) is the general measurement for linear LED Lights for example 2ft is 60cm 6ft is 180cm etc.

what size led batten for garage?

Depending on the size of the area you want to illuminate will depend on the size of LED Batten to go for. Please see below a case study review we did for another one of our happy customers who wanted to change his Fluorescent Tube lights with two 5ft LED Batten lights. This will give you a good understanding and real life review when selecting which length batten is right for your garage.

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Morris led batten lights for garage

5ft Fluorescent Tubes Replaced by 5ft LED Batten in a Garage

We published a guide that details How Replace A Fluorescent Tube With an LED Batten – Buy online today before 1pm and we’ll despatch the same day.

The following questions have been answered by one of our recent customers who wanted to replace their old fluorescent tube lighting in the garage with new LED Batten lights. See how you can replace yours today.

What was the reason for purchasing the LED Slimline Batten? 

The reason for buying was a modern replacement for my pair of 30 year old Fluorescent tube lights . These old lights did me great service as at the time with young family they were sold to me off a good neighbour .

How did you find installing the LED Batten?

The installation of these LED battens is so simple as they are so light weight compared to big heavy old strip lights. I replaced the two in about half an hour, most of that was taking down the old lights.

Were you replacing old fluorescent tubes for these LED Battens? If so, what were your reasons for doing this? 

Yes a very impressive replacement as well! Instant very bright diffused light.

The images don’t give the best impression as they were taken in daylight. But when I get in, in the early ours from my night shift I would guess they are three times better than the old ones and no flicking.

 Morris led battens for garage

Do you like the light output and performance of this product? 

For use in my garage excellent light output!

How did you find the ordering process with LED First Choice?

Ordering was easy and very quick delivery.

Were the LED Battens packaged to your satisfaction? 

Great packaging arrived in first class condition.

Would you buy from LED First Choice in the future? 

So impressive I am already planning to buy more from LED First Choice for my Kitchen revamp. This is next on the bucket list!

Questions? Telephone support is available during office hours on 01562 261026 or you can send an enquiry 24/7 using our Contact Form.

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