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What Megaman LED GU10 Bulb Should I Buy?

On average, Megaman LED GU10 bulbs consume 90% less energy than traditional halogen or fluorescent light bulbs. Coupled with the fact they have an average life expectancy of 25,000 hours the GU10 LED Bulb is a highly desired product. The most popular range amongst the Megaman GU10’s are the 4 watt spotlights. These bulbs are used for many domestic applications as they can fit in almost any room. Available in different colour temperatures ranging from 2800k to 6500k Megaman LED GU10 Bulbs have got you covered. 

Megaman GU10 - What is a Beam Angle? 

Beam Angles are another key specification for LED Bulbs with narrow 35° degree and wide 120° degree angles all available in Megaman GU10 fittings. The Beam Angle refers to the angle at which the light is dispersed so the higher the angle degree the wider the angle of light will display. 

Buy Megaman 35° 4 watt LED GU10 Bulb 

Start Saving Today with Megaman LED 

Megaman GU10 Bulbs are proving very popular within the LED market due to their high efficiency, premium look and amazing light output. Megaman continue to provide us with outstanding quality and new innovative products to sustain their amazing reputation within the lighting industry. LED GU10 bulbs are one of the most common bulbs manufactured by Megaman for many households and commercial businesses. They are easy to replace by the simple push and twist technique the old bulb will come out the fitting and can be directly replaced with the brand new Megaman LED Bulb. 

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What is a Megaman 4w LED GU10 Bulb 141732

The Megaman 141732 GU10 Bulb has proven very popular in this range and has now been superseded a product with more efficiency and quality whilst maintaining the key features of the 141732. The new product is the Megaman 141912 LED GU10 bulb.  This bulb uses 4 watts of energy and produces a very efficient 320 lumens. It has a 35° Beam angle and an average life of 25,000 hours making it a perfect choice for any home or business.

Dimmable or Non Dimmable Megaman Light Bulbs?

Dimmable and Non Dimmable versions in the GU10 base are available in this range. To be able to take advantage of the dimmable versions you will need to have existing dimmer switches or have one installed. Once you have a dimmer switch installed you can create a fantastic ambience in any room. Simply dim the light to your preferred output. You can dim these bulbs to  as low as 10% light, creating a great atmosphere to any room.