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LED Batten 18 Watts – Save Cash

The Lighting industry has changed dramatically over the last decade with Light Emitting Diode products flooding the market. Due to their energy efficiency longer life span and monetary savings it is no wonder LED is now the market leader and has replaced the old fluorescent tubes.

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Our LED Batten Lights consume as little as 18 Watts of energy compared to traditional fluorescent tube Lights which use far more energy and last half as long. The LED 18w Slimline Batten lasts on average 35,000 hours compared to fluorescent tubes which last just 10,000 hours on average. 

If you’re after style, slimline is the way to go! Subtle, elegant and sleek are 3 words that crop up often when describing Slimline LED Battens they look great when ceiling mounted or suspended. Used for many Kitchen applications. Batten Fittings are stylish and cost effective as Light Emitting Diode products can pay for themselves in the first year when switching from traditional lighting! 

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LED Batten Fitting – Interior Design Tips

There are many different brands of Batten Lights and we stock a wide range including great brands such as Deltech, Venture and Integral. Deltech LED Battens are one of the most popular product ranges they have produced and a favourite amongst many households. They have a sturdy aluminium frame, robust end caps and sleek slimline finish. 

Venture Batten Lights provide an extremely well manufactured product and is a premium product within our batten range. They have a tough outer shell, an IP40 Rating and provide an energy efficient high lumen output.

Finally the Batten Fittings from Integral cater for many installations and budgets alike. Take for instance the Motion Sensor Batten, these are great for school corridors as they dim down to 10% light distribution when no motion is detected. Also, the Value+ range is where quality meets price at 120 lumens per watt this highly efficient product is very well priced and provides huge value for money. 

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Types of Batten Lights – IP Ratings

Batten Fittings often come with an IP Rating which can be found within the product specification. IP20 LED Battens are great for usage indoors for Domestic and Commercial applications. IP65 rated LED Batten Lights are used for outdoor applications as they prevent water and dust getting to the light. 

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LED Lighting Ideas to Style Your Home

Whether it’s your Kitchen, Living Room, Garage or Spare room that needs an upgrade, LED Batten Fittings are ideal for all these applications and more. You can surface mount or ceiling suspend any Batten Light with the addition of a suspension kit or standard surface mount fixings. 

LED Batten UK Megaman Venture Battens Light Bulbs Wholesale Lightbulbs Lighting UK Lights Spotlights GU10 Domestic Home Trade Shop

In the example above the Batten Light has been surface mounted in a kitchen to bring elegance and style in a great open plan Kitchen Diner. 

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