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2ft 4ft 5ft Integral LED Battens UK Prices

Integral LED Battens 2ft 4ft 5ft UK  Prices

Providing a great balance between price and performance these LED Battens from Integral are an ideal replacement for your old Fluorescent tube lights. Integral LED provide highly efficient products and this Value + range does not disappoint.

Energy Efficient – More Lumens, More Light

Available in both 2ft and 4ft sizes they produce a highly efficient 100 lumens per watt totalling 900 lumens for the 2ft and 1800 lumens for the 4ft. Lumens are the way in which light is measured. The higher the lumens the brighter the light.

Integral LED produce these batten lights in both 4000k and 6500k Colour Temperature. 4000k produces a natural white light and the 6500k colour temperature produces a daylight colour.

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Performance for Domestic and Commercial Uses

Both of which are ideal for both domestic or commercial use for example Kitchens, Lofts, Under Cabinets, Offices, Warehouses to name a few.

Integral LED Battens 2FT, 4FT, 5FT UK Price and Performance Online Price - Hoit Sale

Integral LED Value+ Battens – Fluorescent Tube Replacement 

Integral LED Batten Lights are designed to easily replace old fluorescent tube lights. You are able to match the length of your existing tube to the size of the LED Batten equivalent. The most popular Batten sizes are 2ft, 4ft, 5ft and 6ft lengths.

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How Do I Install My Integral LED Batten?

Integral LED Battens are easy to replace and install. They come prewired and with all the fixings needed to surface mount the fitting. We would always recommend you instruct an electrician to install the light however if you have experience in this field then these battens are straight forward to fit.

Integral LED Battens 2FT, 4FT, 5FT UK Price and Performance Online Price 2020

Firstly, make sure all electrics are turned off at the mains before any work is carried out. Then, take the fixings out of the packaging and mark where you want to mount the light. Secondly, drill the holes in the wall or ceiling where you want to screw the fixings. Once the fixings have been secured you will then need to connect the mains cable to the LED Batten using a connector. Finally when the cables are connected switch the mains back on to check there is a secure connection and the Batten lights up. You will now be able to clip the LED Batten to the secure fixings.

What Can I Use An LED Batten For?

Integral LED Batten Lights can be used for many applications these include under kitchen pelmets or cupboards, lofts or garages and also commercial offices and units. They are highly versatile due to their discreet stylish look and bright light output lighting up any room in your home or place of work.

Ideal when replacing fluorescent tube lights as you can match the size of the tube to the size of the LED Batten for a simple like for like replacement. The most popular sizes of LED Battens are 2ft, 4ft, 5ft or 6ft lengths.

As the latest LED technology is used within these LED Batten Lights they are highly efficient and last a lot longer than traditional lighting. Integral LED Battens come with an average 30,000 hour rated life and a 3 year warranty.

Buy Integral LED Lights, 3 Year Warranty, Fantastic Price