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Here’s How LED Battens Can Be Used To Transform Your Home (2021 Update)

LED Battens For Domestic Use

Free Delivery On All Orders Over £50.00 within the UK, start saving today. LED Battens are suitable for a variety of interior applications including kitchens, bedrooms, conservatories and many commercial applications such as hospitals, schools and commercial units just to name a few. Batten Lights are an ideal replacement for old fluorescent tubes as they are easy to replace and highly efficient products. One single Fluorescent tube burns a staggering 36 watts to 70 watts each depending on the length needed. Compare this to LED Battens which consume anything from 18 watts to 36 watts that’s a staggering 90% saving on your energy bills! Buy LED Slimline Batten And Style Your Home Today Buy LED Batten Lights – Kitchen, Living Room or Garage The light output of a Light Emitting Diode Batten is measured in lumens, the higher the lumens, the brighter the light. Light Emitting Diode products are far more efficient than the old fluorescent tubes for example a 36w fluorescent tube equates to around 3350 lumens of light, now a 36w LED Batten Light equates to around 4320 lumens that’s nearly 1000 more lumens of light from the same energy input! So not only are LED Battens burning less energy but they are also giving you more light output! 

LED Batten – Indoor –  Buy Online Today – Start Saving £’s 

Many Batten Lights are used for interior purposes in homes and commercial offices due to the sleek slimline designs, which appeal to a lot of people. The sleek finish, robust frame and slimline look gives you endless options for application within your home for example in your Kitchen, Bedrooms and living spaces. They are ideal as they are very easy to install however, we do recommend hiring an electrician to fit these. Simply fix the surface mounting brackets, which generally come as standard, to the area you would like to mount. Once the fixings are in place the Batten will need to be wired to the mains. LED Batten fittings come pre wired so you will not need to wire the product itself just simply connect to the mains with your existing mains wire if you are replacing an existing fitting. Generally speaking Indoor Batten fittings come with an IP20 rating meaning that the enclosure is protected from fingers or small objects however they aren’t protected against any water that it might come into contact with. This makes IP20 LED Batten products ideal for indoor applications. 

LED Batten – Choosing the right Length and Colour Temperature

When choosing the right Batten for you, you will need to ask yourself two things. What length do I require? What Colour Temperature do I require? The length of Fitting you require will depend on the size of the room you wish to illuminate. If there is a pre existing Tube light see what length that one is and select the same length in LED Batten fitting. LED versions will be the same length as the old fluorescent tube lights as they have been designed to easily replace these old fittings. When it comes to selecting the colour temperature again this is a personal preference we recommend a white 4000k6500k light however, if you prefer a warm orange colour light we recommend a 2700k- 3400k. The letter ‘k’ when referring to colour temperature just refers to Kelvin which is how colour temperature is measured.  For a sleek slimline LED Batten we would recommend the following >>>  Slimline 45w LED Batten 6000k   For a more robust LED Batten we would recommend >>> 18 Watt LED Batten 

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