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5ft Deltech LED Batten

Deltech LED Batten 5ft – Amazing Benefits

Deltech have recently introduced a series 6000 range of LED Batten Lights. Within this range is a 2ft Slimline 22w Batten, 3ft Slimline 33w Batten, 4ft Slimline 45w Batten, 5ft Slimline 55w Batten and 6ft Slimline 66w Batten.

This new product range provides far superior efficiency and light output than the previous 5000 series. The 5 foot Batten fitting is the ideal length for a medium to large area for example the kitchen. This is a great replacement for old fluorescent tubes which are far less efficient and last a lot less than LED. The Deltech 5ft LED Batten lasts up to a staggering 50,000 hours and has a 3 year manufacturers warranty. 

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Deltech 5 Foot LED Batten For The Office

LED Batten Lights are perfect for indoor applications for both domestic and commercial use. With surface mounted or ceiling suspended options they are universal in application and it is entirely down to your preference how you install them. The ceiling suspension kits are great for adding a bit of style to your office or if you are hanging the lights from high ceilings these 5ft batten lights are ideal. 

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If you are looking for lighting ideas in your commercial premises please take a look at our commercial led categories for anything from downlight’s to led panel lights we have everything covered.

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5ft Deltech Batten – More Lumens More Efficiency 

What is a Lumen (lm)? Lumens or (lm) for short are the way we measure light. The higher the lumens the brighter the light. 

The New Deltech 6000 series has even more lumen output and efficiency than ever before. Using just 55 watts of energy to produce a staggering 5555 lumens the 5ft batten from Deltech will cut the cost of many companies energy bills. Producing a fantastic 101 lumens per watt of energy makes this Light Emitting Diode product far superior to fluorescent lighting where an average tube produces 80 lumens per watt. 

Slimline Deltech Batten 

Long in length but slim in size is just what Deltech have created here with this 5ft LED Batten Light. The Width of this batten profile is just 75mm and 25mm in depth making this LED Fitting one of the most compact of its kind. A robust aluminium casing secures the LED Strips giving it an IP20 rating which prevents dust particles affecting the light. 

Quick release brackets allow for simple and quick installation. Simply screw the attachments to the ceiling or wall, wire using the pre wired cable and fix the profile back to the brackets. Simple as that!

With up to 90% energy saving when switching to LED many of our customers have paid back their initial order with the savings they have made in 1 year! 

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