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Venture GU10 Bulb

LED GU10 Lamps by Venture Lighting – Efficient & Reliable

Venture Lighting are a multi national company who have developed a highly sort after brand within the Lighting sector. Venture put product specification at the forefront of all their products including their outstanding, globally recognised Domestic LED product offering. Within this range is the GU10 bulb which brings to market a high spec replacement lamp for any GU10 fitting. It has a narrow 36° Beam Angle, elegant Silver finish and available in 3000k or 4000k colour temperatures.

Buy Venture 10 Pack LED GU10 5.2w Warm White 3,000k [Dimmable]

Buy Venture 10 Pack LED GU10 5.2w Cool White 4,000k [Dimmable]

What does Dimmable mean?

When a Light Bulb is described as dimmable it means that the light is able to be reduced (dimmed) to create a subtle ambience or to reduce the light in any room when a bright light is not needed. In order for this GU10 bulb to be dimmed you will need to have a compatible Dimmer Switch. If you do not require the use of the dimming feature then you can still use these lamps with a regular on/off switch. 

Venture LED GU10 Bulbs – Application

There are many suitable applications for this LED GU10 Lamp from Venture Lighting these include; Kitchen, Living Room, Bathroom, Bedroom, Office, Commercial Premises etc. This Bulb can be used in any GU10 light fitting.

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Benefits of Switching to the Venture LED GU10 Bulb

LED GU10 bulbs consume 90% less energy than traditional halogen or fluorescent light bulbs. Coupled with the fact they have an average life expectancy of 25,000 hours the GU10 LED Bulb is a highly desired product. This GU10 version from Venture Lighting is an extremely efficient light and has a premium Silver finish. As Venture Lighting trust their products they also give customers up to 5 years warranty on most of their products. This is because they trust their products workmanship and craft to produce products that will last. 


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