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LED Downlights 15W 20W 30W Fire Rated for Bathroom Kitchen FREE DELIVERY UK

Choose from a range of wattage (4.5W – 30W), decide whether you’d like the downlight with a diffuser or reflector, fire rated, fixed or spot adjustable, and then select the colour temperature of your choice – either warm or cool white.

LED Downlights 15W 20W 30W Fire Rated for Bathroom Kitchen

FREE UK DELIVERY on all orders over £50.

Looking great in bedrooms and bathrooms, we sell to DIY enthusiasts, Contractors, Hotel chains and Independent Installers. Some LED downlights are only available in packs of 4 so please do check the item description when purchasing.

Buy Downlight 15W LED Bulbs with reflector in Cool White and Warm Light - 4 pack

Buy Downlight 20W LED Bulbs with reflector in Cool White and Warm Light - 4 pack

Buy Downlight 30W LED Bulbs with diffuser or reflector in Cool White and Warm Light - 3 pack

There are 2 colour temperatures: 4000k is Cool White, 3000k is Warm White

Dimmable Downlights or Non Dimmable - Greener Solution with LED Lights - Save Energy

Light Emitting Diodes (LED's) generate light using very low energy, using approximately only 10% of the total energy required by an older traditional lamp to produce the equivalent lumen lighting. The 4,000k version gives an impressive 1,100 lumens and the 3,000k version gives 1,000 lumens.

Benefits and Features with using LED Lighting

LED’s are able to convert around 80%-90% of the energy they consume directly into their familiar light glow and the savings that they demonstrate on your electricity bills will often prove an ROI (Return of Investment) meaning the the installation costs are offset by the savings to pay for itself.

Lasting up to 50 times longer than incandescent lighting LED's also prove around 2 to 5 times longer than the old-style fluorescent lighting tubes, which in turn leads much more light for the same electricity) essentially you're achieving a much higher efficiency and a greener choice with the environment in mind.

Benefits of installing LEDs include the main fact that there are no actual bulb replacements, nor disposal of your old fluorescent bulbs or tubes.

Did you know? LED lights contain zero hazardous solids, liquids or gases, which are harmful to our precious environment meaning you are using greener Energy.

With the longer life of LED's (around 30,000 hours) this means less need for ladders and regular maintenance costs - more savings for your home or commercial property. In offices or school canteen restrooms, reception areas and hallways, the brightness is greater than or equal to existing lighting technologies (incandescent or fluorescent) and the lighting is equally distributed throughout the areas lit by the installed fixtures.