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6 Answers Why You Should Buy a Smart Dehumidifier

6 Answers Why You Should Buy a Smart Dehumidifier

Have you ever contemplated buying a smart dehumidifier with WiFi but you weren’t sure if it was the right purchase? Throughout this article we will discuss all of the benefits and drawbacks of owning a smart dehumidifier; we will also provide you with expert advice and information to help you make the best decision.

1. Why is Wi-Fi needed in a dehumidifier?

Whilst the Wi-Fi compatibility won’t affect the performance of the dehumidifier, it will affect the user’s mood. You will be able to relax in any room of the house or outside and know you have constant control of the humidity in your home. Any time you wish to change this, you no longer need to move to the machine, or point a remote at it, you can simply open an app on your smart device and change it as you desire!

2. What are the advantages of owning a smart dehumidifier with Wi-Fi?

The advantages lie within the convenience for the user. If you find yourself often at work or out the house, you are still able to use and control the dehumidifier. The Morris 12l smart dehumidifier with Wi-Fi was designed with the user as the top priority.

3. What devices are compatible with the dehumidifier with Wi-Fi?

The dehumidifier can easily be controlled from any device with an internet connection and app store. All that is needed to take control is access to any up-to-date app store where you can download the easy to use app.

4. Is it easy to synchronize my mobile device with the dehumidifier?

Synchronizing your device to your dehumidifier is very simple. Once you download the application, you simply select the relevant device (smart dehumidifier with WiFi) and follow the instructions. (See guide below)

  1. Install the ‘smart life’ app on your smart device.
  2. Create an account and login.
  3. Turn on your dehumidifier.
  4. Once on, press and hold the timer button until the WiFi light starts flashing.
  5. Go onto the ‘Smart life’ app and select ‘small appliances’ from the menu.
  6. Select ‘Dehumidifier with Wi-Fi’.
Why You Should Buy a Smart Dehumidifier with WiFi Control it From Anywhere

5. Where can I control the dehumidifier from?

As long as you have an internet connection to both your smart device and dehumidifier, you are able to control it from anywhere. If you are at work and want to increase the fan speed, you can easily do so. Perhaps you’re walking the dog and start to feel rain, you can turn on and operate the dehumidifier from your phone. Or simply from another room in the house, user convenience was a high priority for this device.

6. Will the dehumidifier still work without Wi-Fi connection?

Yes, the Morris 12L dehumidifier will still work without an internet connection. The only difference will be that the user will need to walk up to the machine and either use the remote control that comes with it, or the easy to navigate control panel.

Our expert analysis

Despite there being a variety of dehumidifiers on the market, some hold key advantages over others. One advantage of our expert’s choice is the Wi-Fi compatibility function. Rarely do you see such a technologically advanced machine for such an affordable price. The Morris 12L smart dehumidifier with Wi-Fi is excellent value for money. Control the entire machine all from an app on your smartphone or tablet.

Aside from this, the Morris 12L Smart Dehumidifier with Wi-Fi also has a 2L water tank capacity. This tank capacity means you will rarely be emptying the tank, and if you use the drainage hose that comes with it, you will never need to empty the water tank.

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