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8 must-know answers for a bathroom dehumidifier

8 must know answers for a bathroom dehumidifier

Does your bathroom have a lot of humidity and low ventilation? Then, are you thinking of buying a bathroom dehumidifier? You are not the only one!

A lot of issues like this are being received into our offices every day. A lot of people are asking our experts to give a solution that will diminish the excessive level of humidity from the air.

Especially from bathrooms that have a lot of humidity, causing damp and mold because aeration is bad or in most of the cases nonexistent. Due to the lack of ventilation mold and mildew thrives in these environments and can easily grow in these small, humid spaces.

Luckily, there are dehumidifiers that are a simple solution that’ll remove the moisture from your bathroom effectively and quickly.

We decided to write this post to provide simple answers from our team of experts to your most common questions which will hopefully help you choose your best dehumidifier for bathroom.

Is the portable dehumidifier for bathroom the best solution for this issue? Let’s dive in:

1. What does a bathroom dehumidifier do?

Let’s start with the basics, a small dehumidifier for bathroom is an appliance used in many homes to help get rid of any damp or humid areas in a room or house. Once setup and turned on the dehumidifier will get to work immediately.

2. Should I put a dehumidifier in my bathroom?

We have received many questions like “Are dehumidifiers good for bathrooms?” Our answer is YES! The dehumidifier is the perfect device even for your bathroom. It preserves a humidity level that is healthy and helpful for the environment.

3. Do dehumidifiers work in bathrooms?

Yes, dehumidifiers are perfect for reducing humidity and preventing the build-up of damp and mold in areas that aren’t very well ventilated. A bathroom dehumidifier will quickly and efficiently remove moisture from the air so if you have just had a hot bath or shower and your bathroom has steamed up then simply switch your bathroom dehumidifier on and let it get to work.

8 must know answers for a bathroom dehumidifier

4. Can I use a dehumidifier instead of a bathroom fan?

If you aren’t able to fit a bathroom extractor fan or don’t want to disturb the décor then a portable dehumidifier for bathroom is a perfect solution that is hassle-free and easy to move around your home wherever needed.

5. Is it safe to use a dehumidifier in a bathroom?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to use a dehumidifier in a bathroom however please be careful not to get a lot of water on or in the machine as this can damage the dehumidifier.

6. How to use a dehumidifier in the bathroom

This is very simple and easy to do. Simply place the dehumidifier in the bathroom. Plug it in then turn the dehumidifier on. It’s as simple as that. Once turned on the dehumidifier will get to work immediately without you needing to set anything up. You can then select the different modes you feel will be of most benefit to you and then let your bathroom dehumidifier get to work.

7. What size dehumidifier do I need for a bathroom?

When you’re searching for a bathroom dehumidifier, you’ll definitely want a high-efficiency model.

It is good to choose a model that can dehumidify up to 12L per day and has a detachable water tank with a capacity of at least 2 litres.

It is also important to choose a bathroom dehumidifier with drain cable for continuous draining.

But before you decide to buy any portable dehumidifier for bathroom think also your living situation. If for example, your bathroom is right next to your bedroom you have to invest in a very quiet dehumidifier like our Morris 12L Dehumidifier with Wi-Fi. It works to a sound level of 36dB (decibels) which is one of the quietest models on the market!

8. What is the best bathroom dehumidifier?

Despite there being a variety of dehumidifiers on the market, some hold key advantages over others.

One advantage of our expert’s choice is the Wi-Fi compatibility function. Rarely do you see such a technologically advanced machine for such an affordable price? The Morris 12L dehumidifier with Wi-Fi is excellent value for money. Control the entire machine all from an app on your smartphone or tablet.

Also, this bathroom dehumidifier with timer, allows you to adjust the on or off time.

Aside from this, the Morris 12L Dehumidifier with Wi-Fi also has a 2L water tank capacity. This tank capacity means you will rarely be emptying the tank, and if you use the drainage hose that comes with it, you will never need to empty the water tank.


In essence, a bathroom dehumidifier is a fantastic appliance for anyone suffering from damp or mould issues. Whilst they are useful all year round, for the entire house, especially essential in the autumn and winter months as these are proven to be the wettest.

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