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Truth about why should you have a dehumidifier in your bedroom

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Do you have high humidity in your bedroom? You are not alone! This post will give you the right answers to help you sleep in a healthier bedroom.

For sure you can’t control the weather, but you can control the humidity level in your bedroom. This is really important for your health and your sleep! According to the journal “The effects of air mattress upon sleep and bed climate” any humidity reading in the bedroom over 60% needs addressing.(Okamoto K, Iizuka S, Okudaira N, “The effects of air mattress upon sleep and bed climate”.

At LED First Choice we are getting a lot of daily questions about how to solve the humidity problems in the bedrooms. So, we decided to answer your most common questions with this article. Let’s start!

1. Why high humidity is bad for the human body?

High humidity levels can have several adverse effects on the human body. This can cause symptoms of hyperthermia, such as headaches, vomiting, or confusion.

Also, this situation is really dangerous for people with asthma or heart issues and we recommend to be very careful.

2. Why high humidity is bad for the house?

The high humidity in the house can affect the concentrations of some indoor air pollutants. Good examples of indoor air pollutants can be mold and moist air. If your house is humid and suffers from condensation, then this can cause a buildup of damp and mold, which is detrimental to your health.

3. What is the Ideal Humidity for Sleep?

According to the recommendations of the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States it is healthy to keep the indoor humidity between 30% and 50%.

This prevents the build up of pollutants, bacteria and other unwanted issues such as damp and mold.

Morris Bedroom Dehumidifier Ideal Humidity Levels

4. What to do when you have high humidity?

  • Install a quality bedroom dehumidifier.
  • Stop using or turn down your humidifier.
  • Check to see if your bedroom dehumidifier works properly.
  • Use carpets as this can help trap moisture.
  • Vent places that produce moist air such as the bathroom or shower.
  • Use bathroom and range exhaust fans while bathing and cooking.

5. Can you use a dehumidifier in a bedroom?

Of course you can! This is a fantastic idea to get rid of the moisture in the place that you are sleeping.

There is also a very important “detail” for the bedroom dehumidifier. Choose a quiet dehumidifier for the bedroom. Of course, you don’t want to disturb your sleep because of a high noise dehumidifier.

You can choose a dehumidifier like Morris 12L Dehumidifier or Morris 12L Dehumidifier with Wi-Fi with only 36dB in silent mode.

Morris Bedroom Dehumidifier

6. How to use dehumidifier in bedroom?

Follow these rules:

  1. Try to avoid placing your dehumidifier too close to any furniture because in this way you restrict the air circulation around the unit.
  2. Place your dehumidifier in the center of your bedroom if it is possible close to the plug. With this trick, the air will circulate around the unit.
  3. If your bedroom is large, place the dehumidifier close to the moisture source.
  4. While the dehumidifier is operating, make sure that the windows and doors are closed.
  5. Choose the timer, the preferred fan speed, and you are ready for a healthier sleep!

7. Which dehumidifier is the best for the bedroom?

For an average size room, you will need a small dehumidifier for bedroom. Here, we suggest using a 12L Dehumidifier with 2L tank capacity.

If your bedroom is large or you need a dehumidifier for 3 bedroom house, you need the 20L Dehumidifier with 4L water tank capacity.

Do you need to choose the best dehumidifier for bedroom? The following table is what you need to choose the best model for you:

  Morris 12L Dehumidifier Morris 12L Dehumidifier with WiFi Morris 20L Dehumidifier
Dehumidifying Capacity 12L 12L 20L
Recommend Room Size 10-20m2 8-12m2 15-25m²
Noise 36dB 36dB 45dB
Full Water Tank Capacity 2L 2L 4L
Washable Air Filter Yes Yes Yes
Child-lock function Yes Yes Yes
WiFi No Yes No
Fanspeeds High & low High & low High & low
Timerfunction 1-12 hours 1-12 hours 1-12 hours
Continuous Drainage (Hose included) Yes Yes Yes
Dimensions (WxDxH) 225x220x470mm 255x220x470mm 237*342*570mm

Let's recap:

Every home has different humidity levels. The factors that affect the humidity levels in your home are the design, the insulation, the construction, materials and how airtight the property is.

Also, the area temperature and the climate are very important factors.

So, what can you do?

  1. Measure the humidity level of your bedroom.
  2. If it is below 50% keep it at this level.
  3. If it is over 50% choose a bedroom dehumidifier from the above list. This can improve your sleep quality.

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