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How to find the best Garden shed heater

Are you looking for the best options for energy efficient Garden shed heater?
With the harsh winter months approaching, there has never been a better time to invest in some outdoor heating options. Having your central heating constantly on can be quite expensive, and also redundant if you’re only in one room. As an alternative, I would suggest purchasing some tubular heaters. Tubular heaters are a great alternative to central heating and are a cost effective Garden shed heater.

Are tubular heaters cheap to run?

Tubular heaters are generally very cheap to run. Most tubular heaters won’t exceed 120 watts to run them making them a very cheap option for indoor heating. Based on an energy cost of 14.5p per kWh, a single 240W tubular heater will cost around £26 after being left on for 24 hours over an entire month.


Are tubular heaters safe?

Tubular heaters are designed with safety as a top priority. The tubular heaters are designed with an aluminium heat resistant coating. This means that the inside of the tube will get hot, and the heat will radiate out the tube, but the coating itself won’t overheat. Alongside this, our tubular heaters have an IP55 rating meaning they are safe for both indoor and outdoor use. An IP55 rating means the tubular heater is safe from water as it is splash resistant.

How can I mount my tubular heater?

The Morris tubular heaters have been designed with ergonomics in mind. The heater can be mounted on the wall or floor. This design allows for you to put the heaters wherever suits you best for maximum warmth.

Whilst the heaters can be mounted on the wall or floor, they must be mounted horizontally. This is because a vertical mounting will result in uneven heat distribution as all of the heat will rise to the top of the heater. Also, over a long period of time, the heater will eventually burn out if mounted vertically.

How many tubular heaters will I need?

The answer to this question will vary from person to person depending on the use of the heater. If you are looking to heat a small home office, for example, you would only need one small heater either 1ft or 2ft as they have a high energy output. But, if you are wanting to heat an entire house or large room, you will need multiple, larger, tubular heaters like 3ft or 4ft. So, whilst there isn’t an exact answer or calculation, most people would only need one or two heaters for their homes.

Where can I buy tubular heaters?

There are many stores that sell tubular heaters, but, they aren’t always the highest quality. With that being said, I always suggest checking out LED First Choice for any energy appliance needs. LED First Choice LTD have been named as the best manufacturer of economical and energy-saving products. They were founded in 2015 with the ultimate goal to create energy efficient products and help protect the earth.


To conclude, we discussed the best alternative to central heating. The answer is clear, tubular heaters offer the best heat output whilst maintaining low energy bills. They can be mounted either high on a wall, or on the floor and anywhere around a room. They are completely safe to use and even offer water splash resistance for outdoor use.

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